How to get the Most from your Telemarketing Campaigns

Done correctly, telemarketing helps to build a consistent sales pipeline, gain clarity on the motivations of your audience and develop more compelling sales messages.

In an age where we are surrounded by passive or impersonal forms of marketing such as direct mail, search engine optimisation and email marketing, telemarketing is still a unique way of proactively reaching out to prospects, engaging and communicating at a personal level.

The skill comes from designing finely targeted campaigns that ensure conversations with your prospects are positive, professional and value-creating. We help ensure your team are asking the questions that will contribute to a fuller understanding of your target market, the messages your audience respond to and, ultimately, what drives customers to buy from you.

We will work with you closely to define your key messages, target markets and develop questions that are designed for conversation not pushy sales patter. Together we will draw out the market intelligence you will need in order to drive your business forwards, and advise on how you can make best use of research techniques so that your team are providing this intelligence.

Our on-site workshops help you address issues such as:

Who are your target audience?
What are your USPs and key benefits?
What do your customers think about your product?
What marketing messages do your audience respond to?
What drives customers to make a purchase?

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