Friends of Helix


Rise Sales

We have worked with Tim & Jacky of Rise for years one way and another. We know, trust and (if we’re honest) love them. For anyone looking for assistance with their sales, whether it be recruitment, proposition development,  sales strategy or anything inbetween, they are still our go to partners.

Kings of Confidence

We like Viv, he sure is confident and often highly amusing. If you need help with confidence, whether it is presenatation skills or public speaking, you could do a lot worse than speak to Viv Craske!

Just to prove it, why don’t you check out Viv’s youtube video for a demonstration of his slick moves: :  

The Marketing

Neil, Emma, Matt and the gang are a great bunch and they know a thing or two when it comes to marketing. They have a range of specialities designed to be anything from your complete marketing team through to a resource to dip into when you need some expert guidance. As a full service agency, if you need some marketing assistance, they are a great company to speak to.